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Administrative Law

This guide addresses federal administrative law research in general. Please consult topical research guides for information related to specific subject matter and agency procedures.

Agency Decisions & Orders

Pursuant to statute some agency final orders and rules are subject to review in federal courts. Be certain to update your research by reviewing applicable court decisions. The resources listed provide varied coverage of decisions of select federal agencies. Consult specific agency websites for recent agency decisions and orders.

  • WestlawFederal Administrative Decisions and Guidance 
  • Lexis Advance:  Search Administrative Materials > U.S. Federal. 
  • Bloomberg Law: Search U.S. Regulatory & Administrative > U.S. Government Departments & Agencies; filter Administrative Orders & Decisions
  • HeinOnlineU.S. Federal Agency Documents, Decisions, and Appeals Collection
  • LLMC Digital: Collection includes historical U.S. administrative decisions.