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Using Primo, the Library catalog, to Find Books & Articles

About the Library's tool for searching print and online collections for books, articles and more.

Advanced search links

To access the template, click on the Advanced Search link that is found below the search box or use this link:

Search screen.


The Advanced form is straightforward, though it has a number of options.

A. Choose the collection to search:

  • Mason Catalog limits the search GMU books, e-books and media in our collections..  
  • Mason Catalog + Articles and More expands this search to other online sources like JSTOR, Medline and many others.
  • WRLC Catalogs covers all of the libraries of the Washington Research Library Consortium.
  • WRLC Catalogs + Articles includes the expanded online sources plus the collections of the other universities in the WRLC.

B.  Selecting specific fields to focus the results.

There are a number of dropdown arrows which provide options for focusing on specified fields within the library record. Explore the different options to see how much control you have over the search.

C.  Use the search type dropdown to focus how your terms appear in the results. [They can appear as the first words of the field, as a phrase, or as words anywhere in the specified field(s).]

D.  Combine more than one term or search string to generate a more precise list.