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Forms & Drafting Resources

Subject-Specific Form Books

Subject-Specific Form Books:

Some examples follow. For other publications search the GMU Library Catalog or consult a Reference Librarian. 

Subject-Specific Form Books - Business Entities

Subject-Specific Form Books – Employment Agreements

Labor and Employment law books are shelved on the Law Library Third Floor, Range 326-327. Employment agreements are also covered in the Contracts collection, Range 319, Law Library Third Floor.

Subject Specific Form Books - Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law books are shelved on the Law Library Third Floor, Ranges 324-325.

For more information on Intellectual Property resources, see the Library's Intellectual Property Research Guide.

Subject-Specific Form Books – Legislation, United States

Law Library First Floor, Range 112-113. See also materials on Third Floor, Range 327.

Subject-Specific Form Books – Legislation, International

Subject-Specific Form Books – Real Estate

Law Library Third Floor, Range 318. 

Subject-Specific Form Books – Wills & Trusts

The Estate Planning collection is located on the Law Library Third Floor, Ranges 318.