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Contracts Law

Topical guide to resources in the area of contracts law.

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Sources for the Basics of Contract Law Abroad

Brill's Foreign Law Guide is a good starting point for foreign law basics and guidance. Where available, this source points to relevant foreign law primary and secondary authorities by subject area. Some resources may only be available in the local language. However, Brill's will point out English language sources, where they exist.

Getting the Deal Through is accessible through Bloomberg Law.  This source has surveys of commercial contract laws for a dozen or so countries. Contract law issues are also addressed in a number of their focused subject matters in other jurisdictions.

Index for Foreign Legal Periodicals provides a unique inroads to foreign law essays. You can drill down by subject, Contracts,  or a sub-heading of this topic and then focus materials by jurisdiction. You can further filter the results of essays by the language of the work.