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Contracts Law

Topical guide to resources in the area of contracts law.


Old contract law classic books

"This term 'contract' has been defined in a good many different ways. Definitions have been constructed by almost all writers on law and in many thousands of judicial opinions. The fact that these definitions are not in agreement has led occasionally to a little confusion; but the harm is not so great as might be expected. Diversity of definition does at times lead to a confused analysis, obscure reasoning, and to unnecessary misunderstanding and litigation. It is a very common error to suppose that legal terms, such as contract, have one absolute and eternally correct definition. The fact is that all such terms have many usages, among which everyone is free to select. One usage is to be preferred over another only in so far as it serves our necessity and convenience." Source: 1 Corbin on Contracts § 1.3 (2019)

Photo credit: Old contract law classic books.  Accessed May 27, 2021.

This guide was produced by Peter Vay in 2019 and last updated by Melanie Knapp in March 2021.