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Due Diligence


    • Search by name in the Business Intelligence Center’s Company Lookup
      • Overview—company overview, stock performance, company news, and litigation analytics
      • Financials—financial reports, income statement, balance sheet, cash flows, and key ratios
      • Holdings—institutional and insider holdings
      • Corporate Actions—e.g. dividend payment, acquisition, debt offer, stock buyback
      • Management Profiles—company leadership biographies and compensation
      • Filings—SEC filings (filter results on the left); click “Modify” for an advanced search
      • Company Hierarchy—alphabetical list of subsidiaries and related entities
      • Performance—details of stock prices; click “Custom” for a specific date
      • Litigation Analytics—historical and current litigation, including hyperlinks to dockets


  • LEXIS ADVANCE Public Records
    • Real Property database
    • FEIN finder
    • Corporation Filings aggregated for all states except Delaware
      • Can search for a company to find out in which state it is incorporated and in which states it is authorized to do business. Don’t forget to verify at each state’s website!


    • Use the company name to start your search
    • Information Tabs:
      • Company Details—Synopsis (including business summary, stock pricing, key financials, key executives, and company news), Highlights, History, Subsidiaries, Property, etc.
      • Executives—company leadership biographies and compensation
      • Ownership—institutional and insider holdings
      • Company Financials—searchable accounts of the balance sheet, income statement, retained earnings, and cash flow
      • Equity Pricing—for historical stock lookup, select a date range and then click on REPORT
      • Reports—company’s annual reports to stockholders and other reports
      • Filings—list of company’s securities filings in reverse chronological order (“Click here for Edgar Search” to home in on particular filings or time periods)
      • News—latest news articles and press releases on the company you are researching
      • Competitors—top competitors listed by total revenues
      • Report Builder—allows you to customize your search for detailed analysis
      • Horizon—details and forecasts about the industry