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Juris Masters Program Guide

A guide with materials on research for students in the Juris Masters program.

Welcome to the JM Program Research Guide-ance

Picture of DC skyline with words "Who will benefit from a JM Degree?"

Welcome to the JM Program's research Library Guide or LibGuide for short! This guide will highlight materials that you may find helpful for your coursework and Capstone projects.

There is no way that this guide, or any others, can be exhaustive. Check our guides on other areas of law or topics for more specified guidance. If you need help with research strategies or finding resources, reach out to the library staff...  as the box on the left side says.

Additional Resources

The Library Guides & Publications that you are exploring are geared to get you up to speed with research in areas that are new to you.  They may  provide some background information, guidance and links to research tools.  Check them out when you are in need of research ideas.  

The guides are mostly organized by subject area, jurisdiction or specific research endeavor.  Highlighting a few that may help JMs: