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National Security Law

Topical guide to resources in the area of national security law.

Welcome to the National Security Law Guide

Barry Bahler. DHS and TSA work with Amtrak and law enforcement partners to keep our nation’s passenger rail system safe every day. Operation RAILSAFE, which took place this week, provides enhanced, visible law enforcement and security presence at train stations and along trains on selected high volume travel days. September 4, 2015. Department of Homeland Security.

We recommend that you browse the law school's National Security Institute (NSI) in conjunction with any research that you will be doing on National Security Law. This website provides a wealth of publications, papers, and other materials that will be helpful to you and that are relevant to study here at GMU's Law School. This LibGuide is intended to be a general starting point to help you find some of the law library's most widely-consulted resources that are generally about national security, but it is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all resources that we have about topics relating to national security, including homeland security, terrorism, military law, etc.  Our Reference Librarians are always happy to talk with you if you need recommendations for additional resources.