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Faculty Resources

Syllabi, Webpage edits, CVs, SSRN

Rob Willey, Faculty Services Librarian, is your contact if you need assistance posting your syllabus, SSRN papers, or updating your GMU profile page or CV.

Your liaison librarian can help you with research requests and book purchases.

Law Support can help you with any technology or computer related issues. In the classrooms, use the wall phone to connect with Classroom Support for immediate assistance.

Legal Citation Optimization

Legal Citation Optimization

This document summarizes items other than quality that data indicate increase citations to legal scholarship. Most of these findings come from two papers:

The sidebars add comparisons to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) studies and an older study by Ian Ayres and Fredrick Vars. In most instances, sources align. In the two areas where they don’t, differences in studies and format explain the divergences. First, Ayres and Vars found that having a title colon reduced the chances of being in the bottom 10%, not that it helped get to the top. Second, although similar, abstracts and meta descriptions vary, likely explaining the differing findings between SEO and SSRN in this area.which resources are authoritative can be confusing. If you feel unsure in this area or want to check your understanding, this visual overview may help. The pyramid provides examples of the types of authority listed on the left. Make sure to read the notes on either side of the pyramid. 

Journal Submission Policies

Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit maintain and regularly update a guide to journal submissions that is available on SSRN. This list focuses on traditional journals. If you are interested in shorter pieces or online journals, we've created lists that cover the flagship journals at the top-100 law schools as ranked by U.S. News. We also have all the online journals at the T-14 schools. Both our files are linked to below this paragraph. Bridget J. Crawford has a list of online journals as well, available on SSRN